Thoughts About a Revised Production Schedule for Planned Limited Edition Works

Many of the new puzzle designs that I’ve released over the past few years are actually old designs which have been sitting on my to-do list for over a decade. Somewhere around 2009 I came to terms with the fact that I had spent an inappropriate amount of time over the previous years developing CAD models for clever puzzle designs which I lacked the manufacturing skills or workshop infrastructure to actually produce, as opposed to, for example, focusing on producing editions of work that were within my capacity at the time. This tendency to dream big caught up with me in various ways, some of which were financially unpleasant, but mostly it was just frustrating to feel like there wasn’t a clear path forward to achieve my goals. Further self reflection at the time on topics like this led me to take a break from puzzlemaking as a living so that I could work in a machine shop (Diamond Tool & Die) where I learned professional metalworking techniques directly in a production environment.

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Topsy Turvy actually works!

Ten years ago I designed a large spinning top with a trick opening mechanism revealing a smaller spinning top inside; I called it Topsy Turvy because activating the trick mechanism would involve flipping the top upside down. For various reasons I never even made a prototype of that concept (let alone any production models) until just a few months ago, yet now I’m pleased to announce that I’ve developed an affordable 3D printed plastic version which does indeed work as I had always envisioned in my mind’s eye!

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Coordinate Motion Cube Puzzle Solving Contest Winners Announced:

My coordinate motion cube puzzle solving contest is over, and the grand prize goes to 14 year old Lucas Alonso Fernández of Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. Honorable mention goes to Richard Buckman of Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. Despite that Lucas and Richard each took polar opposite approaches to solving these puzzles (Lucas did it on paper, Richard wrote a computer program) they share the experience of both having had a lot of fun along the way, and both of them found a few errors and shortcuts that I missed in my own analysis.

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New Website!!

I’ve pissed away so many countless hours over the years making custom websites as a hobby, and have so much source code in my file archives that it’s kind of intimidating to consider maintaining it all. I took a break from puzzlemaking about ten years ago and shut down my website so that people didn’t mistakenly think I was still in business at the time. Due to the complicated nature of how I had been previously creating my custom written database driven websites, I never got around to restoring anything when I started making puzzles for a living again a few years ago, instead relying on email newsletters for my marketing purposes. Recently though, I realized that I can’t seem to write short newsletters, so I guess it’s time to start blogging instead!

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